Kira Dawn
2 min readMar 15, 2020


Let Us Pray

Life As We Know It

My friends I send this message in the name of our Heavenly Father Jesus Christ. Do not be afraid for the time has come to let go of all earthly possessions and see that on a finite scale all of that does not save you from yourself.

Find peace today. Come together. Pray for the wicked and their ways. This is not the time to judge for people fear what they do not know. We have hit a very pivotal moment in this lifetime.

My friends. This is the beginning of the end. The trumpet has sounded and spiritual warfare is about to become very prevalent in our society. Do not be tempted to run with the masses.

Make sure you know whose side you are on. If you do what is right by your heart/gut you will follow the right person. If you follow your mind you will be with the evil one.

I have always said God is the Gut…meaning if you know something deep down than follow the direction your soul is telling you to go. You will have to have blind faith as you will not be able to tell who is evil and who is chosen.

Jesus will be in touch don’t you worry about that, but you also have to do what he would want you to be doing at this time. Right choices are essential starting now. I cannot tell you what will happen tomorrow so I advise to take heed to these precautionary words as Jesus will be taking inventory soon.

I’m done writing. Yes the mess strikes again. I just felt that I was given a message from above to spread the word of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It’s time everybody…choose wisely and be safe.

God Bless To All.



Kira Dawn

Lyrical Prose molds my soul. Journey that led me to the Gorgeous Mess of Chaos that you see. One with God. I am merely a vessel. I am authentically me. Broken.